I have a flat tyre or a soft tyre 

Symptom: flat tyre

car edito infographic flat tyre tips and advice

car edito infographic flat tyre tips and advice

Diagnostic: Tyre Damage that Requires Repair
  • Most punctures of nail holes or cuts up to 6mm confined to the tread may be repaired by a tyre professional using industry-approved procedures.
  • An on-the-wheel plug-only repair is not reliable and is dangerous because after a puncture the inside of a tyre must be inspected.


  • The proper repair of a radial tyre (most tyres) includes the placing of a rubber patch on the inner liner of the tyre and a rubber filling of the hole.
  • Do not attempt to repair tyres with tread punctures larger than 6mm or any sidewall puncture. Also, do not have tyres repaired that are worn below 2/32 tread depth.
  • Replace your damaged tyre with a spare tyre – but first be sure to check the spare tyre's sidewall for the correct inflation pressure, speed and mileage limitations. Take your vehicle for an inspection to a tyre professional.


Symptom: soft tyres

car edito infographic soft tyre tips and advice

car edito infographic soft tyre tips and advice

Diagnostic: Under inflation
  • Reduces tread life through increased tread wear on the outside edges (or shoulders) of the tyre
  • Generates excessive heat, which reduces tyre durability and can lead to tyre failure
  • Reduces fuel economy through increased rolling resistance



Add air to your tyre until it reaches the proper air pressure (psi: as measured by an air pressure gauge).

To find the proper air pressure, consult your vehicle owner’s manual or find your recommended psi on the sticker on your door.

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