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Rowan Howatt

Great service, excellent knowledge, and very reasonable prices..... definitely recommend.

Drew Grant

I needed a tyre valve replaced, and dropped the wheel off at a very busy time. The next day it was ready (pick up time was my choice) and the cost was way below what I expected. This business always seems to be busy, but efficient and the guy at the desk is extremely helpful. Good old fashioned service without a fuss. Thank you guys.

Simon L

Great level of service. I had some tyres delivered by an online mob. When I got confirmation they were delivered, I called and booked an appointment. I turned up and they were busy, very busy. I handed my keys over and took the young fella for a walk up to Scoresby village. We make a quick purchase at a bakery and walk back. The car is done! Very happy with the level of service and attention to detail. Now that I know Tyrepower themselves accept Zip pay/Zip money, the only thing I'll do differently moving forward is go directly through them instead of the online mob.

Darren Prior

really good honest service. they won me !

Big Jackpots

They charge you a job they didn’t do, here is why. I took my car in for a wheel alignment because my steering was pulling a lot to the left. When l went back to pick my car up I was told I need a lot of work done to be able to get my wheel aligned. They charged me $75 for a 4 wheel alignment and now say I need to spend a lot of money to fix. My car still pulling to the left, I believe they didn’t even attempt to align my wheels. They can’t even align my wheels and they call themself Tyre Power. What a joke!
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