Complete motorbike tyre size list by rim size

If you already know your motorbike’s tyre size reference, find out all Michelin motorcycle’s tyres sizes available by clicking on the rim size. The complete list of motorcycle tyre sizes offers over 400 references!


Once you have selected the right tyre size, you will find all the Michelin tyres available for your vehicle.


If you don’t know your motorbike’s or scooter’s tyre size, please check out our guide on  how to read a motorbike tyre


If you read 120/70 – 12 51 S, it means:


  • 120 indicates the width of the tyre (in millimeters)
  • 70 indicates the aspect ratio (between height and width
  • 12 is the rim size (in inches
  • 51 refers to the speed rating
  • S refers to the type of construction


If you prefer, you can also find the right tyre for you by selecting your type of vehicle first : trail, electric, sports tourer, mx, rally, or even scooter city. Or you can also select your motorcyle’s brand to find the Michelin tyres that fit your car model.

Select your motorbike tyre size and find the right tyre for you

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