Michelin Tyres Australia

Michelin PILOT SPORT 4


Get ready for journeys of sheer driving pleasure in safety, with all weather and terrain tyres that instinctively translate your decisions onto the road and give you longevity in your driving experiences. Read the tyre reviews and ratings on all MICHELIN products to give you buying confidence when it comes to an important decision like purchasing the right tyres for your needs.

Michelin PILOT SPORT 4 S


Road exhilaration made to last.

Latest generation

Michelin PRIMACY 4


Safety made to last.



Born from racing, made for exhilaration.

Michelin ROAD 5

Roadster - Road

Sports Tourer

More confidence, wet and dry conditions, even after 3000 miles *

Michelin LTX FORCE


The ideal solution, no matter your path.



Neo-Retro Scrambler

Award for Anakee adventure

The trail tyre designed for on-road and off-road use

Michelin PRIMACY 3 ST


Safety, silence and comfort.

Michelin POWER 5

Roadster - Road


Power5 Award 1
Power5 Award 2
Power5 Award 3

Maximum enjoyment in the dry and safety in the wet



For all on-road 4x4 SUVs.

Michelin PILOT SPORT 3


Enhanced driving sensations.

Michelin... beyond tyres

The 2030 strategy "All sustainable" | Michelin

Because we believe that mobility is essential for human development, we are innovating passionately to make it safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Our priority and firm commitment is to offer our customers uncompromising quality. Because we believe that all of us deserve personal fulfillment, we want to enable everyone to do his or her best, and to make our differences a valuable asset. Proud of our values of respect for customers, people, shareholders, the environment and facts, we are all sharing the adventure of better mobility for everyone.

For tyres you can truly rely on, choose Michelin. As one of the world's most iconic tyre brands Michelin provides you with the right tyres for your vehicle and driving needs, whether you drive a car, van or SUV.

Our range of sports and performance tyres can improve your handling and safety on or off road, while we make sure you are prepared for all weather conditions with our tyre technologies. We all rely on our car tyres to keep our cars running safely and economically.

That's why it's important to choose a brand you can trust. We believe safety is a priority for everyone, and Michelin has tyre prices to suit all budgets.

At Michelin, we pride ourselves on customer service as well as the highest quality products. Make sure your tyres are fitted correctly and safely at one of our recommended tyre shops.

MICHELIN car tyres will keep your car running smoothly and safely. The MICHELIN brand can be relied upon to offer you maximum safety and performance at prices that suit your budget, giving you peace of mind every minute you're on the road.

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