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Reviews By Google

Sanjay Schrapel

I don't leave reviews like this lightly but unfortunately have to share my experience with this place. Went in for a wheel alignment because my steering wheel was not resting straight (2016 Focus ST). Tyrepower did the alignment but the wheel was sitting to the right just like before. I went back and was told I was being "too critical". I subsequently went to Bridgestone Gouger St who said "we can set the steering wheel to rest wherever you want it" and set it so that it tracks perfectly straight on a left-camber road (after three separate test drives) (they were also cheaper for a front wheel alignment - $49 vs $55). I would be happy to be contacted by the owner to discuss potential resolutions to my difficult experience.

Alexander Grochowski

Friendly service and professional. These guys were able to balance my wheels to eliminate a bad steering wheel shimmy. I've taken my car to be balanced elsewhere, but was told everything was OK (but the problem continued). Conquest Tyrepower found an imbalance and were able to rectify the issue fast and efficiently which shows how sensitive a particular car can be with sport suspension and low profile tyres. A bit out of my way, but I'm happy to come back here to have my car aligned and balanced properly. Its difficult to find a place like this where you can trust the work will be done correctly.

Leslie Hartman

I went in today for a wheel alignment & whilst there my power steering hose blew out spraying fluid all over the place. They fixed it & replaced the fluid and didn't charge me. Will return. Thanks so much 👍

teresa gichimu

Awesome staff... Great service's.

Paul Blackburn

Fantastic people to deal with and know what they are talking about
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