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MICHELIN offers a large range of BMW tyres for your model, simply input your BMW model information and MICHELIN will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your BMW model below to see the tyres available from MICHELIN.

BMW models

1 series 116i

1 series 118d

1 series 118d executive

1 series 118d high-line

1 series 118d m sport

1 series 118i

1 series 118i executive

1 series 118i m sport

1 series 118i plus one

1 series 120d

1 series 120d plus one

1 series 120i

1 series 120i executive

1 series 120i high-line

1 series 120i m sport

1 series 120i plus one

1 series 123d

1 series 123d executive

1 series 123d high-line

1 series 123d m sport

1 series 125i

1 series 125i high-line

1 series 125i m sport

1 series 130i

1 series 130i sport

1 series 135i

1 series 135i m sport

1 series 135i sport

1 series m

1 series m135i

1 series m140i

1 series m140i performance edition

2 series 218d

2 series 218i

2 series 220d

2 series 220i

2 series 225i

2 series 228i

2 series 230i

2 series m235i

2 series m240i

3 series 316i

3 series 316i compact

3 series 316i compact open air

3 series 316i contour

3 series 316i exclusive

3 series 316ti

3 series 318d

3 series 318i

3 series 318i executive

3 series 318i limited

3 series 318i signature edition

3 series 318i sport

3 series 318is

3 series 318is sport

3 series 318ti

3 series 318ti contour

3 series 318ti sport

3 series 320ci

3 series 320ci special edition

3 series 320ci sport

3 series 320ci sport special edition

3 series 320d

3 series 320d executive

3 series 320d executive innovations

3 series 320d executive luminance

3 series 320d executive m sport

3 series 320d high-line

3 series 320d innovations

3 series 320d lifestyle

3 series 320d luminance

3 series 320d sport

3 series 320d sport innovations

3 series 320i

3 series 320i executive

3 series 320i executive innovations

3 series 320i executive luminance

3 series 320i executive m sport

3 series 320i innovations

3 series 320i lifestyle

3 series 320i luminance

3 series 320i sport

3 series 320i sport innovations

3 series 323ci

3 series 323i

3 series 323i executive

3 series 323i innovations

3 series 323i lifestyle

3 series 323i luminance

3 series 323i m sport

3 series 323i sport

3 series 323i sport innovations

3 series 325ci

3 series 325ci high-line

3 series 325ci special edition

3 series 325ci sport

3 series 325ci sport special edition

3 series 325i

3 series 325i exclusive

3 series 325i executive

3 series 325i high-line

3 series 325i innovations

3 series 325i luminance

3 series 325i m sport

3 series 325i sport

3 series 325i sport innovations

3 series 325ti

3 series 325ti sport

3 series 328ci

3 series 328i

3 series 328i executive

3 series 328i high-line

3 series 330ci

3 series 330ci high-line

3 series 330ci special edition

3 series 330ci sport

3 series 330ci sport special edition

3 series 330d

3 series 330d exclusive

3 series 330d innovations

3 series 330d sport

3 series 330e iperformance

3 series 330i

3 series 330i 100 year edition luxury line

3 series 330i 100 year edition m sport

3 series 330i executive

3 series 330i individual

3 series 330i sport

3 series 335i

3 series 335i luminance

3 series 335i m sport

3 series 335i m sport high-line

3 series 335i sport

3 series 340i

3 series activehybrid3

4 series 420d

4 series 420i

4 series 420i luxury edition

4 series 428i

4 series 428i individual

4 series 430i

4 series 430i gran coupe 100 year edition m sport

4 series 430i gran coupe 100 year luxury line

4 series 435i

4 series 440i

5 series 520d

5 series 520d m sport

5 series 520d professional

5 series 520d sport

5 series 520i

5 series 520i executive

5 series 520i launch edition

5 series 523i

5 series 523i m sport

5 series 523i professional

5 series 525i

5 series 525i executive

5 series 525i m sport

5 series 525i professional

5 series 525i sport

5 series 528i

5 series 528i individual

5 series 530d

5 series 530d m sport

5 series 530d professional

5 series 530d sport

5 series 530e iperformance

5 series 530i

5 series 530i executive

5 series 530i m sport

5 series 530i professional

5 series 530i sport

5 series 535d

5 series 535i

5 series 535i executive

5 series 535i individual

5 series 535i m sport

5 series 535i sport

5 series 540i

5 series 540i executive

5 series 540i m sport

5 series 540i professional

5 series 540i protection

5 series 540i sport

5 series 545i

5 series 545i sport

5 series 550i

5 series 550i m sport

5 series 550i professional

5 series 550i sport

5 series activehybrid5

6 series 620d

6 series 630i

6 series 640d

6 series 640i

6 series 640i x drive

6 series 645ci

6 series 650i

6 series 650i individual

6 series 650i sport

7 series 730d

7 series 730i

7 series 730il

7 series 735i

7 series 735i high-line

7 series 735il

7 series 735il high-line

7 series 735li

7 series 740e iperformance

7 series 740i

7 series 740i executive edition

7 series 740i jahre edition

7 series 740i luminance edition

7 series 740i sport edition

7 series 740il

7 series 740il high-line

7 series 740li

7 series 740li executive edition

7 series 740li luminance edition

7 series 740li sport edition

7 series 745i

7 series 745li

7 series 750i

7 series 750i executive edition

7 series 750i jahre edition

7 series 750i luminance edition

7 series 750i sport edition

7 series 750il

7 series 750il high-line

7 series 750li

7 series 750li executive edition

7 series 750li luminance edition

7 series 750li next 100 years

7 series 750li sport edition

7 series 760li

7 series activehybrid7

7 series activehybrid7l

7 series l7

7 series m760li xdrive

7 series m760li xdrive jahre edition

8 series 840ci

8 series 850ci

8 series 850csi

8 series 850i

Alpina b4 biturbo

Alpina b5 biturbo

Alpina b7

B3 biturbo


I3 94ah

I3 94ah range extender

I3 range extender

I3 s 94ah

I3 s 94ah range extender


I8 first edition

I8 protonic

I8 protonic red edition


M2 competition

M2 competition pure

M2 pure


M3 1-oct

M3 25th anniversary edition

M3 30 years

M3 competition

M3 csl

M3 frozen silver limited edition

M3 pure

M3 r

M3 smg


M4 competition

M4 cs

M4 dtm champion edition

M4 gts

M4 pure


M5 competition

M5 first edition

M5 launch edition

M5 m5

M5 nighthawk limited edition

M5 pure limited edition

M5 shadow limited edition


M6 limited edition

X1 sdrive 18d

X1 sdrive 18i

X1 sdrive 20d

X1 sdrive 20i

X1 xdrive 20d

X1 xdrive 23d

X1 xdrive 25i

X1 xdrive 28i

X2 sdrive 18i

X2 sdrive 20i

X2 xdrive 20d

X3 2.0d

X3 2.5i

X3 2.5si

X3 3.0d

X3 3.0i

X3 3.0si

X3 xdrive 20d

X3 xdrive 20d exclusive

X3 xdrive 20d lifestyle

X3 xdrive 20d sport

X3 xdrive 20i

X3 xdrive 25i exclusive

X3 xdrive 25i lifestyle

X3 xdrive 25i sport

X3 xdrive 28i

X3 xdrive 30d

X3 xdrive 30d exclusive

X3 xdrive 30d lifestyle

X3 xdrive 30d sport

X3 xdrive 30i

X3 xdrive 30i exclusive

X3 xdrive 30i lifestyle

X3 xdrive 30i sport

X3 xdrive m40i performance

X4 m40i

X4 xdrive 20d

X4 xdrive 20i

X4 xdrive 30d

X4 xdrive 30i

X4 xdrive 35d

X4 xdrive 35i

X5 3.0d

X5 3.0d executive

X5 3.0i

X5 3.0sd

X5 3.0si

X5 3.0si executive

X5 4.4i

X5 4.6is

X5 4.8i

X5 4.8is

X5 m

X5 m black fire edition

X5 m50d

X5 sdrive 25d

X5 xdrive 25d

X5 xdrive 30d

X5 xdrive 30d executive

X5 xdrive 30d individual

X5 xdrive 30d innovations

X5 xdrive 30d innovations m sport

X5 xdrive 30d innovations sport

X5 xdrive 30d m sport

X5 xdrive 30d m sport limited edition

X5 xdrive 30d performance edition

X5 xdrive 30d sport

X5 xdrive 30i

X5 xdrive 30i executive

X5 xdrive 30i innovations

X5 xdrive 30i innovations m sport

X5 xdrive 30i innovations sport

X5 xdrive 30i m sport

X5 xdrive 30i sport

X5 xdrive 35d

X5 xdrive 35d innovations

X5 xdrive 35d innovations m sport

X5 xdrive 35d innovations sport

X5 xdrive 35d m sport

X5 xdrive 35d sport

X5 xdrive 35i

X5 xdrive 40d

X5 xdrive 40d sport

X5 xdrive 40e iperformance

X5 xdrive 48i

X5 xdrive 48i innovations

X5 xdrive 48i innovations m sport

X5 xdrive 48i innovations sport

X5 xdrive 48i m sport

X5 xdrive 48i sport

X5 xdrive 50i

X5 xdrive 50i sport

X6 m

X6 m black fire edition

X6 m50d

X6 xdrive 30d

X6 xdrive 30d sport

X6 xdrive 35d

X6 xdrive 35d sport

X6 xdrive 35i

X6 xdrive 35i sport

X6 xdrive 40d

X6 xdrive 40d sport

X6 xdrive 50i

Z3 1.9

Z3 2

Z3 2.2i

Z3 2.8

Z3 3

Z3 m

Z4 2.5i

Z4 2.5si

Z4 2.5si edition exclusive

Z4 2.5si edition sport

Z4 3.0i

Z4 3.0si

Z4 3.0si edition exclusive

Z4 3.0si edition sport

Z4 m

Z4 sdrive 20i

Z4 sdrive 23i

Z4 sdrive 28i

Z4 sdrive 30i

Z4 sdrive 35i

Z4 sdrive 35is