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MICHELIN offers a large range of Honda tyres for your model, simply input your Honda model information and MICHELIN will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your Honda model below to see the tyres available from MICHELIN.

Honda models


Accord 40th anniversary limited edition

Accord 40th anniversary limited edition (oct)

Accord 4ws

Accord aerodeck

Accord exi

Accord exi 20th anniversary

Accord exi le

Accord limited edition

Accord sport hybrid

Accord v6

Accord v6 50th anniversary

Accord v6 l

Accord v6-l

Accord v6 l 25th anniversary

Accord v6 l 50th anniversary

Accord v6 luxury

Accord v6 sport

Accord v6l

Accord vti

Accord vti 20th anniversary

Accord vti 30th anniversary

Accord vti 50th anniversary

Accord vti-l

Accord vti-l adas

Accord vti-l sport

Accord vti le

Accord vti limited edition

Accord vti luxury

Accord vti-s

Accord vti-s 20th anniversary

Accord vtis le

City limited edition

City vti

City vti-l

City vtil

Civic 40th anniversary

Civic breeze

Civic cxi

Civic cxi indy

Civic cxi sport

Civic dti-s

Civic gl

Civic gli

Civic gli sport

Civic hybrid

Civic limited edition

Civic rs

Civic si

Civic special edition

Civic sport

Civic type r

Civic vei

Civic vi

Civic vi indy

Civic vti

Civic vti-l

Civic vti-ln

Civic vti-lx

Civic vti-r

Civic vti-s

Civic vti-s luxe

Concerto ex-i

Concerto reprise

Concerto summ


Cr-v 2wd limited edition

Cr-v 2wd +sport

Cr-v 2wd vi

Cr-v 2wd vti

Cr-v 2wd vti-l

Cr-v 2wd vti navigation

Cr-v 2wd vti plus limited edition

Cr-v 2wd vti-s

Cr-v 4wd dti-l

Cr-v 4wd dti-l limited edition

Cr-v 4wd dti-s

Cr-v 4wd limited edition

Cr-v 4wd vti

Cr-v 4wd vti-l

Cr-v 4wd vti-l adas

Cr-v 4wd vti-lx

Cr-v 4wd vti plus limited edition

Cr-v 4wd vti-s

Cr-v 50th anniversary

Cr-v classic

Cr-v classic sport

Cr-v extra

Cr-v limited edition

Cr-v luxury

Cr-v special edition

Cr-v sport

Cr-v sports luxury


Cr-z luxury

Cr-z sport



Hr-v indy special edition

Hr-v limited edition

Hr-v rs

Hr-v sport

Hr-v vti

Hr-v vti-l

Hr-v vti-l adas

Hr-v vti-lx

Hr-v vti-s


Insight vti

Insight vti-l


Integra gsi

Integra gsi indy special edition

Integra luxury

Integra special edition

Integra type r

Integra type r sport

Integra type s

Integra vti-r

Jazz gli

Jazz gli limited edition

Jazz gli safety pack

Jazz gli vibe

Jazz hybrid

Jazz limited edition

Jazz plus sport

Jazz vibe

Jazz vibe-s

Jazz vti

Jazz vti-l

Jazz vti limited edition

Jazz vti-s

Jazz vti vibe


Legend 1991

Legend 1996

Legend 1998

Legend 1999


Nsx t


Odyssey 6 seat

Odyssey 7 seat

Odyssey luxury

Odyssey v6

Odyssey v6-l

Odyssey vti

Odyssey vti-l

Prelude cita

Prelude cita luxury edition

Prelude s

Prelude si

Prelude si 4ws

Prelude si srs

Prelude vti-r

Prelude vti-r atts