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Michelin tyres for your HSV

Michelin offer a large range of HSV tyres for your model, simply input your HSV model information and Michelin will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your HSV Model below to see the tyres available from Michelin.

HSV models






V2 gto

V2 gts

V2 ii coupe4

V2 ii gto

V2 ii gts

V2 iii gto

V2 iii gto le

V2 iii gts

Ve clubsport r8

Ve clubsport r8 20th anniversary

Ve clubsport r8 tourer

Ve gts

Ve ii clubsport gxp

Ve ii clubsport r8

Ve ii clubsport r8 tourer

Ve ii gts

Ve ii maloo gxp utility

Ve ii maloo r8 utility

Ve ii senator signature

Ve iii clubsport

Ve iii clubsport r8

Ve iii clubsport r8 sv black edition

Ve iii clubsport r8 tourer

Ve iii clubsport r8 tourer sv black edition

Ve iii gts

Ve iii gts 25th anniversary

Ve iii maloo r8 20 years utility

Ve iii maloo r8 sv

Ve iii maloo r8 svy

Ve iii maloo r8 utility

Ve iii maloo utility

Ve iii senator

Ve maloo r8 utility

Ve senator

Ve senator

Ve w427

Vg maloo utility

Vn ii clubsport

Vp clubsport

Vp clubsport 5000i

Vp formula

Vp gts

Vp ls utility

Vp senator

Vp senator 5000i

Vp sport

Vp sv91

Vq ii statesman 5000i

Vq ii statesman sv93

Vq statesman 5000i

Vq statesman sv90

Vr caprice 215i

Vr clubsport

Vr gts

Vr maloo utility

Vr senator

Vr senator 215i

Vr statesman

Vr statesman 215i

Vs caprice 215i

Vs clubsport

Vs grange

Vs grange 215i

Vs gts

Vs gts

Vs manta

Vs senator

Vs senator 215i

Vs statesman

Vs statesman 215i

Vt clubsport

Vt gts

Vt ii clubsport

Vt ii clubsport r10

Vt ii clubsport r8

Vt ii clubsport r9

Vt ii gts

Vt ii senator

Vt ii sv99

Vt manta

Vt senator

Vt xu6

Vt xu8

Vu ii maloo

Vu ii maloo r8 utility

Vu ii maloo utility

Vx clubsport

Vx clubsport r8

Vx gts

Vx ii clubsport

Vx ii clubsport r8

Vx ii senator 300

Vx ii senator signature

Vx ii xu6

Vx senator signature

Vx xu6

Vy clubsport

Vy clubsport r8

Vy gts

Vy ii avalanche

Vy ii avalanche xuv utility

Vy ii clubsport

Vy ii clubsport r8

Vy ii clubsport special edition

Vy ii gts

Vy ii maloo r8 utility

Vy ii maloo utility

Vy ii senator

Vy ii senator signature

Vy maloo r8 utility

Vy maloo utility

Vy senator

Vy senator signature

Vz avalanche

Vz avalanche xuv utility

Vz clubsport

Vz clubsport hrt edition

Vz clubsport hsv dt edition

Vz clubsport r8

Vz gto

Vz gto limited edition

Vz gto signature

Vz maloo r8 utility

Vz maloo utility

Vz senator

Vz senator skaife signature edition

Vz sv6000

Wh grange

Wh ii grange

Wk grange

Wl grange

Wm grange

Wm ii grange

Wm iii grange

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