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MICHELIN tyres for your Hyundai

MICHELIN offers a large range of Hyundai tyres for your model, simply input your Hyundai model information and MICHELIN will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your Hyundai model below to see the tyres available from MICHELIN.

Hyundai models

Kona active safety pack


Accent active

Accent elite

Accent fx limited edition

Accent gl

Accent gl lifestyle

Accent gl sprint

Accent gls

Accent gls lifestyle

Accent gls sprint

Accent gs

Accent gs lifestyle

Accent lifestyle

Accent premium

Accent s

Accent slx

Accent sport

Accent sprint

Accent sr

Coupe fx

Coupe sfx

Coupe sx

Elantra active

Elantra elite

Elantra elite s

Elantra fx

Elantra gl

Elantra gls

Elantra premium

Elantra slx

Elantra special edition

Elantra sr turbo

Elantra sx

Elantra trophy

Getz 1.4

Getz 1.4 click

Getz 1.6

Getz 1.6 click

Getz 1.6 sxi

Getz fx

Getz gl

Getz s

Getz sx

Getz xl


Grandeur limited

Grandeur xg

I20 active

I20 elite

I20 premium


I30 active

I30 active x

I30 elite

I30 go

I30 n performance

I30 premium

I30 slx

I30 special edition

I30 sportswagon

I30 sr

I30 sr premium

I30 sx

I30 trophy

I30 trophy edition

I40 active

I40 elite

I40 premium

Imax active

Imax elite

Ix35 active fwd

Ix35 elite awd

Ix35 elite fwd

Ix35 highlander awd

Ix35 se awd

Ix35 se fwd

Ix35 trophy

Kona active

Accent a-league limited edition

Kona elite

Kona go

Kona highlander

Kona launch edition

Lantra classique

Lantra gl

Lantra gls

Lantra levant

Lantra se

Lantra sportz

Lavita gls

Santa fe 30 special edition

Santa fe active

Santa fe active x

Santa fe elite

Santa fe elite 5 seat

Santa fe elite 7 seat

Santa fe elite v6

Santa fe gl

Santa fe gl v6

Santa fe gl world cup

Santa fe gl world cup v6

Santa fe gls v6

Santa fe gls world cup v6

Santa fe highlander

Santa fe highlander 7 seat

Santa fe slx 5 seat

Santa fe slx 7 seat

Santa fe sr

Santa fe sx 5 seat

Santa fe trail edition

Santa fe v6


Sonata active

Sonata classique

Sonata elite

Sonata executive

Sonata gl

Sonata gle

Sonata gls

Sonata gls (abs)

Sonata levant

Sonata premium

Sonata slx


Terracan crdi

Terracan highlander

Terracan highlander world cup

Terracan slx

Terracan v6

Terracan world cup


Trajet gl

Trajet gl world cup

Trajet gls

Trajet gls world cup

Tucson 30 special edition

Tucson active awd

Tucson active fwd

Tucson active x awd

Tucson active x fwd

Tucson city

Tucson city elite

Tucson city sx

Tucson elite

Tucson elite awd

Tucson elite fwd

Tucson elite mono cladding

Tucson elite s

Tucson gls

Tucson highlander awd

Tucson sx


Veloster +

Veloster sr

Veloster sr +

Veloster sr turbo

Veloster street