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MICHELIN tyres for your Renault

MICHELIN offers a large range of Renault tyres for your model, simply input your Renault model information and MICHELIN will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your Renault model below to see the tyres available from MICHELIN.

Renault models

Master bus

Captur dynamique

Captur expression+

Captur intens

Captur zen

Clio authentique

Clio campus

Clio dynamique

Clio expression

Clio expression+

Clio expression verve

Clio gt

Clio gt-line

Clio gt premium

Clio intens

Clio life

Clio privilege

Clio rs 18

Clio rs 200 cup

Clio rs 200 cup premium

Clio rs 200 cup trophy

Clio rs 200 sport

Clio rs 200 sport premium

Clio rs 200 sport trophy

Clio rs cup

Clio rs monaco limited edition

Clio rs red bull edition

Clio rs sport

Clio rs trophy

Clio sport

Clio sport 182

Clio sport 182 cup

Clio sport 197

Clio sport 200 angel & demon limited edition

Clio sport 200 cup

Clio sport 200 cup trophee

Clio sport 200 gordini le

Clio sport 200 grand prix limited edition

Clio sport 20th anniversary le

Clio sport f1 team r27

Clio zen

Fluence dynamique

Fluence privilege


Kangoo compact

Kangoo crew

Kangoo maxi

Kangoo swb

Koleos bose 4x2

Koleos bose 4x4

Koleos bose edition 4x2

Koleos bose edition 4x4

Koleos bose premium 4x4

Koleos dynamique 4x2

Koleos dynamique 4x4

Koleos expression 4x2

Koleos initiale 4x4

Koleos intens 4x2 s-edition

Koleos intens 4x4

Koleos life 4x2

Koleos privilege 4x4

Koleos sport way 4x2

Koleos sport way limited edition 4x2

Koleos zen 4x2

Koleos zen 4x4

Laguna 2.2 dci

Laguna authentique

Laguna dynamique

Laguna expression

Laguna privilege

Laguna privilege lx

Laguna rxe

Laguna v6


Latitude dynamique

Latitude luxe

Latitude privilege

Captur expression

Megane authentique

Megane dynamique

Megane dynamique lx

Megane dynamique lx limited edition

Megane dynamique lx sport

Megane exception

Megane expression

Megane floride limited edition

Megane gt

Megane gt 220

Megane gt 220 premium

Megane gt-line

Megane gt-line premium

Megane intens

Megane life

Megane privilege

Megane rs

Megane rs 225

Megane rs 250 australian gp le

Megane rs 250 monaco gp le

Megane rs 265 cup

Megane rs 265 cup +

Megane rs 265 cup premium

Megane rs 265 sport edition

Megane rs 265 trophy

Megane rs 265 trophy 8:08

Megane rs 265 trophy+

Megane rs 275 cup premium

Megane rs 275 trophy limited edition

Megane rs 275 trophy r limited edition

Megane rs 280

Megane rs cup

Megane rs dci 175

Megane rs f1 r26

Megane rs f1 team

Megane rs gt 220

Megane rs gt 220 premium

Megane rs red bull edition

Megane rs265 red bull rb8

Megane sport 250 cup

Megane sport 250 cup trophee

Megane sport edition

Megane summer special edition

Megane zen

Scenic authentique

Scenic dynamique

Scenic expression

Scenic latitude

Scenic privilege

Trafic air l1h1

Trafic air l2h1

Trafic air l2h2

Trafic base l1h1

Trafic base l2h1

Trafic base l2h2

Trafic comfort l1h1

Trafic comfort l2h1

Trafic comfort l2h2

Trafic integral l1h1

Trafic integral l2h1

Trafic integral l2h2

Trafic lwb

Trafic lwb l2h1 103kw

Trafic lwb l2h1 crew van

Trafic lwb l2h1 crew van lifestyle

Trafic lwb l2h1 dci 140

Trafic lwb l2h1 formula edition

Trafic swb

Trafic swb l1h1 103kw

Trafic swb l1h1 66kw

Trafic swb l1h1 85kw

Trafic swb l1h1 dci 140

Trafic swb l1h1 dci 90

Trafic swb l1h1 formula edition

Zoe intens

Zoe life