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Pirelli AU

1st class. Very quick and car drives like a dream

Maria Norris

I was driving to Beenleigh train station on my way to work and got a big screw in one of my front tyres. I usual park behind Bob Jane Beenleigh during the day. I called them first thing this morning from work to see if it was possible for them to fix the tyre while my car was parked behind their store. I got a call to say they had fixed my tyre! I would like to express my appreciation to the team at Bob Jane Beenleigh for this first class customer service!

Rob Lovell

Considering I played full price for my tyres and got a wheel alignment you would think they would a least clean the greasy fingerprints off the wheels and put a bit of tyre shine on.

Curtis Delaney

Awesome, great deals.. Been looking after me for over 15 yrs.

Teenah La Burniy

If i could give these guys more than 5 stars i would. Brilliant customer service, always fit you in at short notice and great prices. I wouldn't go anywhere else :)
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