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Michael Antolak

I had to say very good service, I was in a bit of trouble on Saturday with a trailer tyre pop. He was very happy to assist with finding different tyre size to help me. Definitely coming back.

stephen lamb

Bob was great at the desk but he found the tyres at two other outlets but they refused to let him have them for a valued customer. Bob work had to get the sale but was let down by his management. I am now looking at your competitor's for my 4 new tyers. Stephen

John Brooks

Called up a week before booking in getting tyres and wheels fitted + wheel alignment, Gentleman said it all fine to do. Turned up on the day, I didn't get the guys name but he would of been around 50 y/o short and bald. He made a big deal about me bringing my own tyres and said it wouldn't be covered by warranty which i was fine about. The thing that annoyed me and my partner is that he was trying to make us feel stupid instead of trying to help us and give us advice. We turned away and went to brians auto tyre up the road and they did it within the hour, no questions and charged me $100 where bob janes quoted $250. Main issue was the poor customer service and would never go back or recommended this place

Ben D

Went to check if my battery needed replacing and these guys ran some tests and let me know that the battery was fine! Thanks for being honest, seem like a trustworthy team.

Paul Jaggard

Manager Brent did an awesome job helping us find a wheel and tyre package that looks awesome. John was a great help giving us a sneak peek of what could be. Would highly recommend. Very helpful and friendly staff.
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