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Wayne Thurlow

Great and polite service and the cleanest bathroom I have ever seen in a tyre or mechanical business. The service was quick and efficient and I had free hot chocolate while I waited. They are quite popular with a steady flow of business.I recommend it.

Alissa Carroll

Reccomended I get new brakes on my car when they fixed up a tyre, I almost agreed to it but decided to get a second opinion first. Drove down the road and had my brakes looked at was told I had another 10,000-15,000km easily before they need changing. They try to con you into more work while you’re there even if you don’t need it. Their mechanic work is incredibly expensive too and the markup on parts is ridiculous, go to a real mechanic for repairs and services

John Patrick

Excellent service fair price Thanks

Mark Ford

Excellent service. Definitely recommend.

Lea McNeil

Great service always fast and reiable
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