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Selwyn Meaclem

Went in to buy some gloves. Was greeted on entering the shop by the parts guy,but not at all by the guy in the bike showroom. Found some nice summer gloves, my wife placed them on the counter and I also found a great dry rider jacket and pants set wanted to try on, well priced. The parts guy was on the phone we waited for over 15 minutes. The bike showroom guy said he was unable to help us,so we walked out empty handed.

Tania Sheldrick

Awesome place and all the guys are a great help and always got a smile on their face.

steve platt

Nice blokes to deal with , great service and knowledgeable people work here. All my years of owning and buying bikes these guys shine thru. Thanks again Jason.

Nola Darbyshire

Great place. Friendly and knowledgeable.

Craig Henderson

Always helpful competitive pricing, you walk out happy and that's what counts .
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