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Professional, honest and reliable old fashion service with a smile If only other retailers would take a leaf out of their book.... Strongly recommend to everybody We will be back soon Thanks guys and keep up the good work

Grim Reaper

When I used to do tyre deliveries to this place and so far when I used to do it they were always great to me. I appreciate the support lol... and I really enjoyed doing my rounds they always put a smile on my face every time I went there always great to see them again., but sadly I have retired early from delivery driving so that's why they don't see me anymore. 😢


Great service, very good advice, good people, can be trusted, will be back again in future.

Marcus Coleman

Went in to ask advice, the lady spent 10 minutes on my tyre and replaced the full valve, chatting all the while. charge! I was touched. Thanks!

Ari P

Excellent service, fantastic staff, couldn’t recommend them more!!
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