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Darwin McLynn

Very helpful guys, can service your bike and change your tyres on top of their core business areas. Spares, fluids, rare spares. Large warehouse of dismantled bikes. Usually have a couple of nice classics on sale in the showroom bit, and several second hand bikes. Honest and friendly.

Anand Rathod

worst experience, I had my scooter serviced regularly with these guys but after my last scooter service, I was so disappointed. couple of weeks after service my scooter stopped working so I called RAA and they advised that spark plug wasn't changed for so long and needs to be replaced. so basically Japanese motors didn't do service properly, they even didn't check spark plug. wont recommend to anyone.. poor service..

chris smith

Rode in as a bomb. Rode out like a dream

Julian Roach

Really friendly, very helpful. Look forward to dealing with again

Michael Raerino

No person to answer phone inquiries, dumb!!!