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MICHELIN Passion Archives

Motoring enthusiasts are well-known for their passion for all things automotive. Whether it is the latest car technologies, luxury cars, vintage cars or racing gear, people who love their machines love it all. We have curated a selection of videos, galleries and articles to take you into well-known events to live the world of motoring.

100 years of BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW has been celebrating its centenary in 2016. From the Goodwood Festival of Speed to the Monterey Motorsports Reunion, there have been numerous events to mark the occasion.

BMW itself decided to look ahead, unveiling radical "Vision Next 100" concepts of its core brand, as well as Rolls-Royce, MINI and its motorcycle wing.

Short from "Bayerische Motoren Werke," has come a long way since its inception in 1916. Initially manufacturing aircraft engines, its first BMW motorcycle, the R32 twin, was launched in 1923.

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Iconic Cars: The Ferrari 500 TRC

When Gabriele Artom's father and uncle started to buy historically significant Ferraris in 1960s, they probably didn't think that the same cars would be in the family half a century later. Or, that those cars would have become more revered than some of the greatest works of art ever created.

"We're very lucky to own such fabulous vehicles, which we bought at a time when nobody really wanted old Ferraris; they were much more affordable back then," explains Milan-based Artom. "My father Franco and his brother Guido always bought cars together. While my father loved the engineering that goes into these glorious machines, my uncle didn't care much what was going on underneath the voluptuous bodywork. It was the timeless, beautiful designs and the history that appealed to him. All of our Ferraris are as attractive now as the day they were built."

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The Greatest All-American Cars

Michelin caught up with actor Eric Bana at the Australian MotoGP to talk bikes, cars and making genuine connections with fellow enthusiasts…

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How F1 Tech is Redefining the Road Car

Ever since the first examples were built in 1950, the Formula One car has represented the very pinnacle of automotive engineering. Whether it’s materials, aerodynamics, engines, suspension, brakes or transmissions, the Formula One car has pioneered a huge number of technologies that have become common in road vehicles. Many are suited only to the fastest and most expensive hypercars, but others have already filtered down to family cars and superminis. Here’s how F1 tech is available for you to buy already – if your pockets are deep enough.

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