MICHELIN & Hush Puppies Shoes 

michelin hp 1
Welcome to the collaboration of Comfort and Performance

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and performance with the groundbreaking collaboration between two iconic brands.

Both MICHELIN and Hush Puppies are known for their commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

MICHELIN's soles brings a fresh and distinctive look to Hush Puppies footwear collection.

Get your adventure on with the new super lightweight and breathable hiking shoes designed in collaboration with MICHELIN soles.


No adventure is too big for these shoes, plus the eco-friendly sugar cane midsole with MICHELIN designed recycled grip outsole adds for natural movement so you can travel around with no worries.

A shoes for the bold sole.


Grab your pair with this exclusive 20% discount !

Use code MICHELIN20  when online or at the store shopping.

The Adventure Shoe by Hush Puppies and soles by Michelin, pictures of the brown shoes
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