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MICHELIN tyres for your Holden

MICHELIN offers a large range of Holden tyres for your model, simply input your Holden model information and MICHELIN will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your Holden model below to see the tyres available from MICHELIN.

Holden models

Adventra cx6

Adventra cx8

Adventra lx6

Adventra lx8

Adventra sx6

Apollo executive

Apollo gs

Apollo sl

Apollo sle

Apollo slx


Astra cd

Astra cd classic

Astra cd equipe

Astra cd olympic edition

Astra cdti

Astra cdx

Astra cdxi

Astra city

Astra city olympic edition

Astra classic

Astra classic equipe

Astra equipe

Astra gl

Astra gsi

Astra gtc

Astra gtc sport

Astra limited edition

Astra linea rossa

Astra ls

Astra ls+

Astra lt

Astra ltz

Astra r

Astra rs

Astra rs-v

Astra sri

Astra sri turbo

Astra sxi

Astra turbo

Astra twintop

Astra vxr


Barina cabrio

Barina cd

Barina cdx

Barina city

Barina city olympic edition

Barina equipe

Barina grand prix

Barina gs

Barina gsi

Barina joy

Barina lambada

Barina ls

Barina lt

Barina r

Barina rs

Barina spark cd

Barina spark cdx

Barina sri

Barina swing

Barina swing olympic edition

Barina sxi

Barina trio limited edition

Barina x special edition


Berlina international

Berlina international le


Calais 50th anniversary edition

Calais director

Calais international

Calais v

Calais v-series

Calais v-series 60th anniversary edition

Calais v-series international edition

Calais v-series redline limited edition


Calibra 4x4

Calibra v6


Caprice v

Caprice v-series

Captiva 5 2wd

Captiva 5 awd

Captiva 5 lt 2wd

Captiva 5 lt awd

Captiva 5 ltz 2wd

Captiva 5 ltz awd

Captiva 5 seater ls 2wd

Captiva 60th anniversary awd

Captiva 7 active limited edition

Captiva 7 cx awd

Captiva 7 ls 2wd

Captiva 7 lt awd

Captiva 7 ltz awd

Captiva 7 lx awd

Captiva 7 maxx awd

Captiva 7 seater ls 2wd

Captiva 7 sx 2wd

Captiva 7 sx awd

Captiva active 2wd 5 seat

Captiva active 2wd 7 seat

Captiva cx awd

Captiva ls 2wd 5 seat

Captiva ls 2wd 7 seat

Captiva lt awd

Captiva ltz awd

Captiva lx awd

Captiva maxx awd

Captiva sx 2wd

Captiva sx awd


Cascada launch edition

Colorado 4x2 dx

Colorado 4x2 ls

Colorado 4x2 lt

Colorado 4x2 lt-r

Colorado 4x2 ltz

Colorado 4x2 lx

Colorado 4x4 dx

Colorado 4x4 ls

Colorado 4x4 ls-x limited edition

Colorado 4x4 ls-x limited edition (may 2016)

Colorado 4x4 lsx

Colorado 4x4 lt

Colorado 4x4 lt-r

Colorado 4x4 ltz

Colorado 4x4 lx

Colorado 4x4 lx-r limited edition

Colorado 4x4 storm

Colorado 4x4 storm limited edition

Colorado 4x4 storm special edition

Colorado 4x4 z71

Colorado 4x4 z71 xtreme limited edition

Colorado 7 lt

Colorado 7 ltz

Colorado 7 trailblazer special edition


Commodore 25th anniversary edition

Commodore 50th anniversary edition

Commodore 60th anniversary edition

Commodore acclaim

Commodore berlina

Commodore berlina lx

Commodore calais

Commodore calais-v

Commodore craig lowndes ss-v

Commodore equipe

Commodore esteem

Commodore evoke

Commodore executive

Commodore executive fleet special

Commodore executive olympic edition

Commodore executive olympic edition ii

Commodore hbd equipe

Commodore international

Commodore international edition

Commodore lt

Commodore lumina

Commodore motorsport edition

Commodore omega

Commodore omega v-series edition

Commodore rs

Commodore rs-v

Commodore s

Commodore ss

Commodore ss black edition

Commodore ss group a

Commodore ss storm special edition

Commodore ss-v

Commodore ss-v redline

Commodore ss-v redline reserve edition

Commodore ss v-series

Commodore ss v-series 60th anniversary edition

Commodore ss v-series redline edition

Commodore ss v-series redline limited edition

Commodore ss v-series special edition

Commodore ss-v z-series

Commodore ss z-series

Commodore ssz special edition

Commodore sv6

Commodore sv6 black edition

Commodore sv6 lightning special edition

Commodore sv6 reserve edition

Commodore sv6 storm special edition

Commodore sv6 z-series

Commodore sv8

Commodore svz

Commodore vacationer

Commodore vxr

Commodore z-series


Crewman cross 6

Crewman cross 8

Crewman s

Crewman ss

Crewman ss thunder

Crewman ssz special edition

Crewman storm


Cruze cd

Cruze cdx

Cruze equipe

Cruze sri

Cruze sri-v

Cruze sri z series

Cruze sri z-series

Cruze z series

Cruze z-series

Epica cdx

Epica cdxi

Equinox ls 2wd

Equinox ls+ 2wd

Equinox lt 2wd

Equinox ltz 2wd

Equinox ltz awd

Equinox ltz-v awd


Frontera s

Frontera se

Frontera sport

Frontera sport 4x4

Insignia vxr

Jackaroo equipe

Jackaroo hsv

Jackaroo ls

Jackaroo monterey

Jackaroo nullarbor

Jackaroo olympic edition

Jackaroo rigout

Jackaroo s

Jackaroo s 50th anniversary

Jackaroo s le

Jackaroo se

Jackaroo sr

Jackaroo xs

Malibu cd

Malibu cdx

Monaro cv6

Monaro cv8

Monaro cv8-r

Monaro cv8-z

Nova gs

Nova sl

Nova sle

Nova slx

Nova slx ltd

One tonner

One tonner cross 6

One tonner s

Rodeo 4x2 deluxe

Rodeo 4x2 dx

Rodeo 4x2 dx (8dh02-111)

Rodeo 4x2 dx (8dh02-113)

Rodeo 4x2 dx (8dh02-121)

Rodeo 4x2 dx (8dh02-123)

Rodeo 4x2 ls

Rodeo 4x2 lt

Rodeo 4x2 ltz

Rodeo 4x2 lx

Rodeo 4x2 lx 50th anniversary

Rodeo 4x2 lx lsd

Rodeo 4x2 standard

Rodeo 4x4 deluxe

Rodeo 4x4 dx

Rodeo 4x4 ls

Rodeo 4x4 lt

Rodeo 4x4 lt 60th anniversary edition

Rodeo 4x4 lt sport

Rodeo 4x4 ltz

Rodeo 4x4 lx

Rodeo 4x4 lx 60th anniversary edition

Spark ls

Spark lt

Sportwagon 60th anniversary edition

Sportwagon berlina

Sportwagon berlina international le

Sportwagon calais

Sportwagon calais v

Sportwagon calais v-series

Sportwagon calais v-series redline limited edition

Sportwagon equipe

Sportwagon evoke

Sportwagon international

Sportwagon international edition

Sportwagon omega

Sportwagon ss

Sportwagon ss black edition

Sportwagon ss storm special edition

Sportwagon ss-v

Sportwagon ss-v redline

Sportwagon ss-v redline reserve edition

Sportwagon ss-v sandman special edition

Sportwagon ss v-series

Sportwagon ss v-series redline edition

Sportwagon ss v-series redline limited edition

Sportwagon ss v-series special edition

Sportwagon ss-v z-series

Sportwagon ss z-series

Sportwagon sv6

Sportwagon sv6 black edition

Sportwagon sv6 reserve edition

Sportwagon sv6 sandman special edition

Sportwagon sv6 storm special edition

Sportwagon sv6 z-series

Sportwagon z-series


Statesman 50th anniversary

Statesman international

Statesman international ls8

Suburban 1500

Suburban 1500 ls

Suburban 1500 lt

Suburban 2500

Suburban 2500 ls


Trailblazer lt

Trailblazer ltz

Trailblazer z71

Trax active special edition

Trax ls

Trax ls black limited edition

Trax lt

Trax ltz


Ute 50th anniversary

Ute magnum

Ute olympic edition

Ute omega

Ute omega lpg

Ute s

Ute s leather pack

Ute s thunder

Ute ss

Ute ss black edition

Ute ss fifty

Ute ss storm special edition

Ute ss thunder

Ute ss thunder limited edition

Ute ss-v

Ute ss-v redline

Ute ss-v redline reserve edition

Ute ss-v sandman special edition

Ute ss v-series

Ute ss v-series redline edition

Ute ss v-series redline limited edition

Ute ss v-series special edition

Ute ss-v z-series

Ute ss z-series

Ute ssz special edition

Ute storm

Ute storm hbd

Ute sv6

Ute sv6 60th anniversary edition

Ute sv6 black edition

Ute sv6 lightning special edition

Ute sv6 sandman special edition

Ute sv6 storm special edition

Ute sv6 thunder

Ute sv6 thunder limited edition

Ute sv6 z-series

Ute svz

Vectra cd

Vectra cd international

Vectra cdx

Vectra cdxi

Vectra equipe

Vectra gl

Vectra gl olympic edition


Viva equipe



Zafira equipe