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Michelin tyres for your MAZDA

Michelin offer a large range of MAZDA tyres for your model, simply input your MAZDA model information and Michelin will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your MAZDA Model below to see the tyres available from Michelin.

MAZDA models

Bravo sdx

121 1.5

2 gt

2 maxx

2 maxx safety pack

2 maxx sport

2 neo

2 neo power pack

2 neo safety pack

2 neo sport

3 diesel

3 maxx

3 maxx sport

3 maxx sport dsc

3 mps

3 mps luxury pack

3 mps sport pack

3 mps sports pack

3 neo

3 neo power pack

3 neo power + safety pack

3 neo safety

3 neo safety pack

3 neo sport

3 neo sport safety

3 neo sport safety pack

3 sp20

3 sp20 luxury

3 sp23

3 sp23 leather pack

3 sp23 luxury pack

3 sp25

3 sp25 astina

3 sp25 gt

3 sp25 luxury pack

3 touring

3 xd astina


323 astina

323 astina 40th anniversary

323 astina shades

323 astina sp20

323 protege

323 protege limited edition

323 protege platinum

323 protege shades

323 protege sp20

323 protege sports edition

6 atenza

6 classic

6 classic sports

6 diesel

6 diesel sports

6 gt

6 limited

6 luxury

6 luxury sports

6 mps

6 mps leather pack

6 sport

6 sports

6 touring


626 7 seat

626 classic

626 classic 40th anniversary

626 classic eclipse

626 classic extra

626 classic le

626 classic platinum edition

626 deluxe

626 eclipse

626 estate

626 limited

626 luxury


929 option pack

929 v6i dohc

B series b2600

B series b2600 4x4


Bravo 4x2

Bravo 4x4

Bravo cab plus 4 seater

Bravo dlx

Bravo dual cab

Bravo dx 4x2

Bravo dx 4x2 (b26f5clbp)

Bravo dx 4x2 (b26f5clbpt)

Bravo dx 4x2 bench seat

Bravo dx 4x2 bucket seats

Bravo dx 4x4

Bravo dx 4x4 bucket seats

Bravo dx boss pack 4x2 bench seat

Bravo dx boss pack 4x4

Bravo dx plus pack 4x2

Bravo dx plus pack 4x4

Bravo lwb

Bravo plus pack

Bravo plus pack 4x4

Bravo plus pack lwb

Bravo plus pack swb

2 genki

Bravo sdx 4x2

Bravo sdx 4x4

Bravo sdx lwb

Bravo sdx p/pack 4x4

Bravo sdx plus pack

Bravo sdx plus pack 4x2

Bravo sdx plus pack 4x4

Bravo sdx swb

Bravo swb

Bt-50 4x2 xt

Bt-50 4x2 xtr

Bt-50 4x4 gt

Bt-50 4x4 xt

Bt-50 4x4 xtr

Bt-50 dx 4x2

Bt-50 dx 4x2 bench seat

Bt-50 dx 4x2 bucket seats

Bt-50 dx 4x4

Bt-50 dx 4x4 bench seat

Bt-50 dx 4x4 bucket seats

Bt-50 sdx 4x4

Cx-3 akari awd

Cx-3 akari fwd

Cx-3 maxx awd

Cx-3 maxx fwd

Cx-3 maxx sport awd

Cx-3 maxx sport fwd

Cx-3 neo fwd

Cx-3 neo sport fwd

Cx-3 s touring awd

Cx-3 s touring fwd

Cx-5 akera awd

Cx-5 grand touring awd

Cx-5 gt awd

Cx-5 maxx awd

Cx-5 maxx fwd

Cx-5 maxx sport awd

Cx-5 maxx sport fwd

Cx-5 touring awd

Cx-7 classic

Cx-7 classic sports

Cx-7 diesel sports

Cx-7 luxury

Cx-7 luxury sports

Cx-8 asaki awd

Cx-8 sport awd

Cx-8 sport fwd

Cx-9 azami awd

Cx-9 azami fwd

Cx-9 azami leawd

Cx-9 classic

Cx-9 classic fwd

Cx-9 grand touring

Cx-9 grand touring awd

Cx-9 gt awd

Cx-9 gt fwd

Cx-9 luxury

Cx-9 luxury awd

Cx-9 luxury fwd

Cx-9 sport awd

Cx-9 sport fwd

Cx-9 touring awd

Cx-9 touring fwd

E series e1800 compact

E series e1800 swb

E series e2000

E series e2000 carb

E series e2000 lwb

E series e2000 mwb

E series e2000 swb

E series e2000i

E series e2200

E series e2500

E series e2500 lwb

Eunos 800 2.5


Mpv traveller

Mx-5 rf

Mx-5 rf black roof

Mx-5 rf gt

Mx-5 rf limited edition



Rx-7 sp


Rx-8 40th anniversary

Rx-8 gt

Rx-8 leather pack

Rx-8 leather sunroof pack

Rx-8 luxury

Rx-8 luxury special edition

Rx-8 revelation

Tribute 2.3

Tribute 3.0 v6

Tribute classic

Tribute classic traveller

Tribute limited

Tribute limited sport

Tribute limited traveller

Tribute luxury

Tribute luxury traveller