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MICHELIN tyres for your Jaguar

MICHELIN offers a large range of Jaguar tyres for your model, simply input your Jaguar model information and MICHELIN will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your Jaguar model below to see the tyres available from MICHELIN.

Jaguar models

X-type 3.0le

E-pace d150

E-pace d150 r-dynamic

E-pace d150 r-dynamic hse

E-pace d150 r-dynamic s

E-pace d150 r-dynamic se

E-pace d150 s

E-pace d150 se

E-pace d180

E-pace d180 first edition

E-pace d180 hse

E-pace d180 r-dynamic

E-pace d180 r-dynamic hse

E-pace d180 r-dynamic s

E-pace d180 r-dynamic se

E-pace d180 s

E-pace d180 se

E-pace d240 hse

E-pace d240 r-dynamic hse

E-pace d240 r-dynamic s

E-pace d240 r-dynamic se

E-pace d240 s

E-pace d240 se

E-pace p250

E-pace p250 first edition

E-pace p250 hse

E-pace p250 r-dynamic

E-pace p250 r-dynamic hse

E-pace p250 r-dynamic s

E-pace p250 r-dynamic se

E-pace p250 s

E-pace p250 se

E-pace p300 hse

E-pace p300 r-dynamic hse

E-pace p300 r-dynamic s

E-pace p300 r-dynamic se

E-pace p300 s

E-pace p300 se

F-pace 2.0d portfolio 177kw awd

F-pace 2.0d prestige 132kw awd

F-pace 2.0d prestige 132kw rwd

F-pace 2.0d r-sport 132kw awd

F-pace 2.0d r-sport 132kw rwd

F-pace 2.0d r-sport 177kw awd

F-pace 2.0t portfolio 221kw awd

F-pace 2.0t prestige 184kw awd

F-pace 2.0t prestige 184kw rwd

F-pace 2.0t prestige 221kw awd

F-pace 2.0t r-sport 184kw awd

F-pace 2.0t r-sport 184kw rwd

F-pace 2.0t r-sport 221kw awd

F-pace 20d prestige

F-pace 20d r-sport

F-pace 3.0d portfolio 221kw awd

F-pace 3.0d prestige 221kw awd

F-pace 3.0d r-sport 221kw awd

F-pace 3.0d s 221kw awd

F-pace 3.5t portfolio 250kw awd

F-pace 3.5t prestige 250kw awd

F-pace 3.5t r-sport 250kw awd

F-pace 3.5t s 280kw awd

F-pace 30d first edition

F-pace 30d portfolio

F-pace 30d prestige

F-pace 30d r-sport

F-pace 30d s

F-pace 35t first edition

F-pace 35t portfolio

F-pace 35t prestige

F-pace 35t r-sport

F-pace 35t s


F-type 400 sport awd

F-type 400 sport rwd

F-type awd

F-type british design edition

F-type british design edition awd

F-type british design edition rwd

F-type project 7

F-type r

F-type r awd

F-type r-dynamic awd

F-type r-dynamic rwd

F-type r rwd

F-type rwd

F-type s

F-type s awd

F-type s rwd

F-type svr awd

F-type v8 s

S-type 2.5

S-type 2.7d luxury

S-type 3

S-type 3.0 luxury

S-type 3.0 se

S-type 3.0 sport

S-type 4.0 se

S-type 4.2 luxury

S-type 4.2 r

S-type 4.2 s/c r

S-type 4.2 se

S-type 4.2 sport

X-type 2.1

X-type 2.1 le

X-type 2.1 se

X-type 2.1 sport

X-type 2.2d le

X-type 2.2d sport

X-type 2.5 ls limited edition

X-type 2.5 se

X-type 2.5 sport

X-type 2.5 sport limited edition

X-type 3.0 le

X-type 3.0 luxury

X-type 3.0 se

X-type 3.0 sport

E-pace d150 hse

Xe 20d prestige

Xe 20d r-sport

Xe 20t prestige

Xe 20t r-sport

Xe 25t portfolio

Xe 25t prestige

Xe 25t r-sport

Xe 30t portfolio

Xe 30t prestige

Xe 35t s

Xe v6 s

Xf 2.0 luxury

Xf 2.0 premium luxury

Xf 2.0p luxury

Xf 2.0p premium luxury

Xf 2.2d luxury

Xf 2.2d premium luxury

Xf 2.7 luxury

Xf 20d portfolio

Xf 20d prestige

Xf 20d r-sport

Xf 20t prestige

Xf 20t r-sport

Xf 25d portfolio

Xf 25d r-sport

Xf 25t portfolio

Xf 25t prestige

Xf 25t r-sport

Xf 3

Xf 3.0 luxury

Xf 3.0 premium luxury

Xf 3.0 s/c luxury

Xf 3.0 s/c portfolio

Xf 3.0 v6 s/c luxury

Xf 3.0 v6 s/c portfolio

Xf 3.0d

Xf 3.0d luxury

Xf 3.0d premium luxury

Xf 3.0d s

Xf 3.0d s luxury

Xf 3.0d s portfolio

Xf 30d first edition

Xf 30d s

Xf 30t portfolio

Xf 30t prestige

Xf 30t r-sport

Xf 35t portfolio

Xf 35t r-sport

Xf 35t s

Xf 4.2 premium luxury

Xf 4.2 sv8

Xf 5

Xf 5.0 luxury

Xf 5.0 portfolio

Xf 5.0 premium luxury

Xf 5.0 s/c xfr

Xf 5.0 s/c xfr-s

Xf xfr 5.0 v8 s/c

Xf xfr-s 5.0 v8 s/c


Xj 3.0d premium luxury lwb

Xj 3.0d premium luxury swb

Xj 3.0p portfolio lwb

Xj 3.0p portfolio swb

Xj 3.0p premium luxury lwb

Xj 3.0p premium luxury swb

Xj 3.0p r-sport swb

Xj 3.2

Xj 4

Xj 5.0 autobiography lwb

Xj 5.0 portfolio swb

Xj 5.0 supersport lwb

Xj 5.0 supersport swb

Xj 5.0 xjr swb

Xj 5.0 xjr575 swb

Xj heritage

Xj heritage limited edition

Xj lwb

Xj portfolio

Xj premium luxury

Xj premium luxury lwb

Xj r

Xj r 100

Xj r portfolio limited edition

Xj s

Xj sovereign

Xj sovereign lwb

Xj sovereign majestic

Xj sovereign sport

Xj sport

Xj super v8

Xj super v8 lwb

Xj super v8 lwb limited edition

Xj supersport

Xj supersport lwb

Xj swb

Xj xj6

Xj xj6d

Xj xj8 3.5

Xj xj8 4.2

Xjs 4.0 litre

Xjs sport

Xjs v12

Xjs xjr-s


Xk 75th anniversary edition

Xk classic

Xk r

Xk r classic

Xk r portfolio

Xk r-s

Xk r special edition

Xk r sport

Xk s limited edition

Xk sport

Xk with r features