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MICHELIN tyres for your Nissan

MICHELIN offers a large range of Nissan tyres for your model, simply input your Nissan model information and MICHELIN will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your Nissan model below to see the tyres available from MICHELIN.

Nissan models

Pathfinder titanium limited edition


350z touring

350z track


370z n-sport

370z nismo

Almera st

Almera ti

Altima st

Altima st-l

Altima ti

Altima ti-s

Bluebird lx

Bluebird sss

Bluebird ti


Gt-r 45th anniversary limited edition

Gt-r black edition

Gt-r luxury trim

Gt-r nismo

Gt-r premium

Gt-r premium luxury trim

Gt-r track edition

Juke n-sport limited edition

Juke st fwd

Juke st midnight limited edition

Juke st n-tec limited edition

Juke st-s fwd

Juke st-s midnight limited edition

Juke ti-s awd

Juke ti-s awd n-sport limited edition

Juke ti-s fwd


Maxima 250 st-l

Maxima 30g

Maxima 30gv

Maxima 30j

Maxima 30s touring

Maxima 350 st-s

Maxima 350 ti

Maxima executive

Maxima s

Maxima st

Maxima st-l

Maxima st-r

Maxima ti

Maxima ti-l


Micra city collection

Micra lx

Micra plus limited edition

Micra slx

Micra solaire

Micra st

Micra st-l

Micra super s

Micra ti

Murano st

Murano ti

Murano ti-l

Navara 4x2 dx

Navara 4x2 nugget

Navara 4x2 rx

Navara 4x2 st

Navara 4x2 st-x

Navara 4x2 std

Navara 4x2 ti

Navara 4x2 ti freedom

Navara 4x4 dx

Navara 4x4 dx work pack

Navara 4x4 n-sport black edition

Navara 4x4 nugget

Navara 4x4 outlaw

Navara 4x4 rx

Navara 4x4 rx n-sport limited edition

Navara 4x4 silverline special edition

Navara 4x4 st

Navara 4x4 st 25th anniversary limited edition

Navara 4x4 st n-sport limited edition

Navara 4x4 st n-tec limited edition

Navara 4x4 st-r

Navara 4x4 st-r special edition

Navara 4x4 st-x

Navara 4x4 st-x 550

Navara 4x4 st-x blackline edition

Navara 4x4 std

Navara 4x4 std work pack

Navara 4x4 titanium

Navara 4x4 titanium limited edition


Pathfinder adventure edition

Pathfinder n-trek

Pathfinder rx

Pathfinder st

Pathfinder st awd

Pathfinder st freedom

Pathfinder st fwd

Pathfinder st fwd hybrid

Pathfinder st-l

Pathfinder st-l awd

Pathfinder st-l awd hybrid

Pathfinder st-l fwd

Pathfinder st-l fwd n-sport

Pathfinder st plus

Pathfinder st walkabout

Pathfinder ti

Pathfinder ti 550

Pathfinder ti awd

Pathfinder ti awd hybrid

Pathfinder ti freedom

Pathfinder ti fwd

Pathfinder ti plus

350z 35th anniversary

Patrol dx

Patrol dx coil

Patrol dx coil work pack

Patrol dx leaf

Patrol dx leaf work pack

Patrol dx turbo coil

Patrol dx turbo leaf

Patrol dx (v2)

Patrol dx wide wheels

Patrol dx (x2)

Patrol dx (x5)

Patrol dx5

Patrol dx7

Patrol rex hunt special

Patrol rx

Patrol rx 30th anniversary

Patrol rx3

Patrol rx3 30th anniversary

Patrol simpson 50th anniversary edition

Patrol st

Patrol st alcantara

Patrol st coil

Patrol st coil work pack

Patrol st-l

Patrol st legend edition

Patrol st luxury

Patrol st n-tec limited edition

Patrol st plus

Patrol st-s

Patrol st turbo coil

Patrol st turbo plus

Patrol st30

Patrol ti

Patrol ti-l

Patrol titanium limited edition

Patrol walkabout

Pulsar gli

Pulsar lx

Pulsar lx limited

Pulsar lx plus

Pulsar plus

Pulsar q

Pulsar reebok

Pulsar slx

Pulsar solaire

Pulsar sss

Pulsar sss heritage edition

Pulsar st

Pulsar st-l

Pulsar st plus

Pulsar st-s

Pulsar ti

Qashqai n-sport special edition

Qashqai n-tec

Qashqai st

Qashqai st fwd

Qashqai st-l

Qashqai ti

Qashqai ti fwd

Qashqai tl fwd

Qashqai ts fwd

Serena st

Serena ti

Skyline gt-r

Tiida q

Tiida st

Tiida st-l

Tiida st plus

Tiida st style pack

Tiida ti

X-trail adventure limited edition

X-trail n-trek

X-trail st

X-trail st 2wd

X-trail st awd

X-trail st awd 5 seat

X-trail st awd 5 seat n-sport limited edition

X-trail st awd limited edition

X-trail st fwd

X-trail st fwd 5 seat

X-trail st fwd 5 seat n-sport limited edition

X-trail st fwd 7 seat

X-trail st fwd limited edition

X-trail st-l

X-trail st-l 2wd

X-trail st-l awd

X-trail st-l awd 5 seat

X-trail st-l awd 5 seat n-sport limited edition

X-trail st-l awd n-sport

X-trail st-l fwd

X-trail st-l fwd 5 seat

X-trail st-l fwd 5 seat n-sport limited edition

X-trail st-l fwd 7 seat

X-trail st-l fwd n-sport

X-trail st-r

X-trail st-s 40th anniversary

X-trail st-s x-treme special edition

X-trail st-x

X-trail ti

X-trail ti awd

X-trail ti awd 5 seat

X-trail ti-l rear seat entertainment pack

X-trail ti-l sunroof pack

X-trail ti luxury

X-trail tl

X-trail tl 2wd

X-trail tl 4wd

X-trail tl awd

X-trail ts

X-trail ts 2wd

X-trail ts 4wd

X-trail ts awd