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MICHELIN tyres for your Subaru

MICHELIN offers a large range of Subaru tyres for your model, simply input your Subaru model information and MICHELIN will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your Subaru model below to see the tyres available from MICHELIN.

Subaru models

Impreza wrx premium

Brumby mvr

Brz hyper blue limited edition

Brz premium

Brz special edition

Brz ts


Forester 2.0d

Forester 2.0d-l

Forester 2.0d premium

Forester 2.0d-s

Forester 2.0i

Forester 2.0i-l

Forester 2.0xt

Forester 2.0xt premium

Forester 2.5 x

Forester 2.5 x luxury edition

Forester 2.5 x luxury pack se

Forester 2.5 x se

Forester 2.5 x weekender

Forester 2.5 xs

Forester 2.5 xs luxury

Forester 2.5 xs luxury pack

Forester 2.5 xt

Forester 2.5 xt luxury

Forester 2.5 xt luxury pack

Forester 2.5i

Forester 2.5i-l

Forester 2.5i-l special edition

Forester 2.5i premium

Forester 2.5i-s

Forester gt

Forester gt luxury

Forester limited

Forester limited le

Forester limited se

Forester limited special edition

Forester s-edition

Forester se

Forester special edition

Forester ts

Forester x

Forester x columbia

Forester x limited edition

Forester x luxury edition

Forester x sat nav edition

Forester xs

Forester xs premium

Forester xt

Forester xt premium

Impreza 2.0i

Impreza 2.0i-l

Impreza 2.0i luxury limited

Impreza 2.0i premium

Impreza 2.0i-s

Impreza 2.0r

Impreza 2.0r luxury edition

Impreza gravel-x

Impreza gx

Impreza gx 1.8

Impreza gx 1.8 awd

Impreza gx 2.0

Impreza gx 2.0 awd

Impreza gx awd

Impreza lx

Impreza lx awd

Impreza lxs

Impreza r

Impreza r leather

Impreza rs

Impreza rs awd

Impreza rs limited edition

Impreza rv

Impreza rv awd

Impreza rv special edition

Impreza rv sportswagon awd

Impreza rx

Impreza rx awd

Impreza rx awd le

Impreza rx awd special edition

Impreza sportswagon 1.8

Impreza sportswagon 2.0

Impreza sportswagon awd

Impreza wrx

Impreza wrx awd

Impreza wrx awd club spec

Impreza wrx awd le

Impreza wrx awd special edition

Impreza wrx awd sti

Impreza wrx club spec

Impreza wrx club spec 10

Impreza wrx club spec 9

Impreza wrx club spec evo 2

Impreza wrx club spec evo 3

Impreza wrx club spec evo 4

Impreza wrx club spec evo 5

Impreza wrx club spec evo 6

Impreza wrx club spec evo 7

Impreza wrx club spec evo 8

Impreza wrx peter solberg


Impreza wrx rallye

Impreza wrx rs40 le

Impreza wrx silver anniversary

Impreza wrx sti

Impreza wrx sti spec r

Impreza wrx sti version v

Impreza wrx sti version vi

Impreza wrx tuned by sti

Impreza wrx wrp10 limited edition

Impreza xv

Impreza xv mizuno le

L-series gl

Levorg 1.6 gt

Levorg 1.6 gt premium

Levorg 2.0 gt-s

Levorg 2.0 sti sport

Levorg 2.0gt

Levorg 2.0gt-s

Levorg 2.0gt-s spec b

Liberty 2.0i

Liberty 2.0r

Liberty 2.0r limited edition

Liberty 2.0r sat nav

Liberty 2.5 gt premium

Liberty 2.5 x

Liberty 2.5i

Liberty 2.5i exiga

Liberty 2.5i exiga premium

Liberty 2.5i heritage

Liberty 2.5i heritage luxury

Liberty 2.5i luxury

Liberty 2.5i premium

Liberty 2.5i premium sat nav

Liberty 2.5i safety

Liberty 2.5i sports

Liberty 2.5i sports premium

Liberty 2.5i sports premium sat nav

Liberty 3.0r

Liberty 3.0r premium

Liberty 3.0r spec b

Liberty 3.6 x

Liberty 3.6r

Liberty 3.6r premium

Liberty b4

Liberty blitzen

Liberty brighton gx

Liberty brighton lx

Liberty brighton lxs

Liberty celebration

Liberty celebration awd

Liberty dx

Liberty enduro awd

Liberty gt

Liberty gt premium

Liberty gt sat nav

Liberty gt spec b

Liberty gt spec b sti

Liberty gt sti

Liberty gt tuned by sti

Liberty gx

Liberty gx 25th anniversary awd

Liberty gx awd

Liberty gx ski-fx le awd

Liberty gx special edition

Liberty heritage

Liberty heritage awd

Liberty heritage se

Liberty heritage se awd

Liberty limited edition

Liberty lx

Liberty lx awd

Liberty lx ski-fx le awd

Liberty rallye awd

Liberty rs turbo awd

Liberty rx

Liberty rx awd

Liberty rx le awd

Liberty rx special edition

Liberty rx sport awd

Liberty ski-fx enduro awd

Liberty touring awd


Tribeca 3.0r 5 seat

Tribeca 3.0r 7 seat

Tribeca 3.0r premium 5 seat

Tribeca 3.0r premium 7 seat

Tribeca 3.6r 5 seat

Tribeca 3.6r 7 seat

Tribeca 3.6r premium 5 seat

Tribeca 3.6r premium 7 seat

Wrx premium hyper blue limited edition

Wrx wrx sti premium hyper blue limited edition

Wrx wrx sti spec r

Xv 2.0i

Xv 2.0i-l

Xv 2.0i premium

Xv 2.0i-s

Xv 2.0i sunshine yellow limited edition

Xv se