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Auto Performance Comes Standard

MICHELIN Australia have launched a new brand campaign dubbed #PerformanceComesStandard to highlight their shared passion for performance with four of the biggest names in Australian Motorsport: Mark Webber, Earl Bamber, Matt Campbell and Jaxon Evans.

Coinciding with the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix at Albert Park in March, the #PerformanceComesStandard campaign looks to underline the relationship each driver has had with the French tyre giant throughout their careers and the joint success they have shared on their journey to the highest levels of the sport.

The campaign comprises not only billboard, web and social media creatives but candid video interviews with each driver. The campaign centres around the premise that true performance and determination comes from within. It’s this inherent performance that each driver details in their achievements and journey to the global motorsport stage.

MICHELIN’s DNA is entrenched in Motorsport and it’s this transfer in performance, that is ingrained in the development of every MICHELIN production tyre.

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