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NEW Michelin Motorcycle Rider's App

Calling all Riders to Share the Passion!

We are creating a Motorcycle Community lead by Michelin for all Motorcycle Riders, Motorsport fans and everyone in between! 

Michelin Riders App
Access exclusive content

Join the Rider community, and you will gain access to an abundance of exclusive content for all Motorcycle Riders across the nation. By joining the Riders community, you not only gain access to our carefully curated content you also gain access to a wide community of Riders who are ready to Share the Passion!

Product updates & promotions

Want to be the first to know about the latest product releases and upcoming promotions? The Rider App is the right spot for you! Keep an eye out for exciting announcements and new product releases.

Win Michelin prizes!

As a member of the Rider community you will be provided opportunities to not only have some fun, but to also win Michelin prizes!

Find my dealer

Find a MICHELIN tyre dealer near you in seconds via the ‘Find my dealer’ icon on the App.

Know your tyres!

Browse all MICHELIN tyres, browsing by riding experience under the ‘Product information’ icon on the App.

Click below to download the App on App Store or Google Play
to join the community today!

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