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Paris - Dakar Competion

The Dakar is the world's longest and most prestigious cross-country rally event.

Riders must complete between 300 and 800km daily in highly changeable conditions, while stages can include crossing sand dunes or rocky terrain, loose surfaces or mud. One thing is certain: the tyres never have an easy time. Heat is also an important factor, as ground temperatures of more than 50°C increase tyre-wear rates.

  • In 2011, MICHELIN introduced the MICHELIN Desert Race which was specially designed for the new ‘works’ 450cc bikes, and drew on 30 years’ experience of cross-country rallying.
  • In 2013, the MICHELIN Desert Race helped Cyril Despres to his fifth victory and brought MICHELIN its 30th win since 1982 in this event.

The MICHELIN Desert Race was designed to operate with ‘Bib-mousse’, the run-flat safety system introduced by MICHELIN in the early 1980s and available over the counter to all riders. With improved handling and grip, better lateral grip and excellent durability, it met all the needs of the big names in the bike category of this year’s rally.