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Trial events involve crossing natural or artificial obstacles without the rider putting his or her feet on the ground. Competitions can be held outdoors on natural terrain or on specially prepared artificial indoor courses. Each rider is set a time in which they must complete the course.

An outdoor trials competition is held on a circuit with marked sections – known as zones – where competitors tackle the obstacles in turn.

Trial tyres must be capable of offering maximum grip in conditions that can vary significantly from one zone to the next: from mud, to rocks, to river beds, etc. Michelin has consequently developed a range of products to meet the demands of the different terrain trials that riders have to cope with. Indeed, tyres must be able to respond reliably the rider’s every instruction and also deliver outstanding grip at critical moments when crossing challenging obstacles.

Michelin has won the Outdoor Trial World Championship no fewer than 31 times since 1981, and enjoys an unbeaten run of 11 straight Indoor world titles since 2002.