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For over 130 years Michelin has been dedicated to creating a better life in motion

Michelin Lifestyle - Motion for Life

We’ve been there since the dawn of the motor car and continue to use our experience in the most demanding environments to help drivers and road users around the world. 

We developed the first modern tyre and ever since have been focused on achieving the very highest performance standards. This has led to Michelin helping to win a host of prestigious motorsport titles from Le Mans 24hr, Formula 1 to MotoGP, the World Rally Championship and the pioneering Formula E.

But this commitment doesn’t stop at tyres; we bring those same values of quality, innovation and sustainability to the care of your vehicle too.

We know that keeping your vehicle in peak condition requires quality equipment. This is why our range of spares and accessories have been developed for motorists who want the best from their vehicles. Better ways to achieve high performance and support their lives in motion.


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