Michelin, Official Tyre Partner of Gran Turismo 7

MICHELIN to make PlayStation’s GT7 experience even more gripping for gamers through an unrivalled exciting track-to-screen experience

Since 2019, we have been the official tyre supplier of "FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships" and the "official tyre technology partner". We share our knowledge of the real world with Gran Turismo teams to improve the gaming experience for all players.

Michelin's agreement with Gran Turismo forms part of the brand's global Gaming and eSports strategy. We see it as a means to share the MICHELIN experience and passion with SIM racing gamers and allow them to discover the quality and strengths of our products. We have great visibility on the screen and provide particularly realistic tyres in terms of performance, longevity, consistency, grip and wear characteristics.

Michelin and Gran Turismo logo

MICHELIN's past linked with the future

In 1895, the Michelin brothers entered a purpose-built car in the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris motor race to prove the performance of air-filled tyres. Since that storied race, we achieved a record of innovation and ultra-high performance in the most demanding and celebrated racing competitions around the world, including 25 consecutive overall wins at the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans and more than 330 FIA World Rally Championship victories.

MICHELIN is the first tyre manufacturer to partner with a game developer and eSport series, with the goal of transferring real-world technology to the virtual world driving experience.

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Creating an innovative interaction to bring together gaming, car and tyre Enthusiasts

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A perfect match

Gran Turismo is the global reference for virtual driving experience, and we are the global reference brand for high-performance tyres.

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A shared passion

MICHELIN has achieved a record of innovation and ultra-high performance in the most demanding and celebrated racing competitions around the world.

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A digital adventure

With Gran Turismo, we demonstrate our digital leadership in mobility.

About Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo™ is a video game developed by Polyphony Digital Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Having launched in Japan first in 1997, the multi-award-winning franchise is regarded as the best and most authentic driving simulator due to true-to-life graphics, authentic physics technology and careful attention to detail, Polyphony and its famed creator Kazunori Yamauchi have revolutionized the racing game genre.

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Michelin is the official tyre partner of the movie
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