Best tyres for suv

Best tyres for SUV

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If you're part of the growing community of SUV users, you may be wondering how to choose the best tyres for SUV. In this article, after clarifying the sometimes confusing distinction between SUVs and 4x4s, we help you choose the most suitable tyres for your use.

The difference between SUVs and 4x4 vehicles

By definition, a 4x4 is an off-road vehicle. Its four-wheel drive allows it to drive on difficult terrain that passenger cars would find difficult or impossible to drive on. 4x4s, for example, are driven in rallies. They are equipped with tyres which are specially designed for driving on rough and difficult terrain.

In contrast, an SUV is a vehicle that is generally intended for the road. Most SUVs have only two-wheel drive, like conventional passenger cars, but not always as we shall see later.

In common language, there is a tendency to confuse the term 4x4 with SUV. However, it is important to distinguish between the two, as the tyres for each are different. A 4x4 can be fitted with off-road or mixed tyres, whereas an SUV is more likely to be fitted with tyres for road use.

In this article we will focus on SUV tyres.

Tyres for 4-wheel drive SUVs

For most SUVs that can take advantage of it, four-wheel drive is often offered as an option, and few consumers take it. In contrast, four-wheel drive is much more common on large SUVs and premium SUVs.

In other words, while SUVs may claim to have a rugged aesthetic, they are not necessarily equipped with an inter-deck differential lock or a short off-road gearbox. While they retain the ride height and rugged appearance of a 4x4, many have only two-wheel drive and have given up some of their off-road ability for better handling.

If your SUV has 4 wheel drive, you can follow the same selection criteria but MICHELIN strongly advises you to equip it with 4 identical tyres, i.e. of the same make and model, size and level of wear.

Do you have to change all 4 tyres on your 4-wheel drive SUV?

For optimum performance, we recommend changing all four tyres at the same time if your SUV is a four-wheel drive vehicle. Your vehicle owners manual will also provide guidance on this topic.

If your SUV has only two wheel drive, you do not need to change all four tyres at the same time. But it is recommended that you do it in pairs, i.e. the two tyres that are on the same axle.

How to choose your SUV tyres in seconds

To make it easier for you to choose, the diagram below will give you a very precise and quick idea of the most suitable tyres for your SUV:

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