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Michelin believes that working closely with car makers is essential when it comes to developing high-performance tyres. Its engineers use their expertise to select the best technologies and materials as a function of the individual characteristics of each car model, thereby ensuring superior performance and ride comfort, and a truly unique driving experience!

Why does Michelin develop marked tyres?

Every car model has its own specific characteristics. Its weight, power and engine arrangement all have a direct impact on tyre choice, so car makers demand tyres that take these considerations into account. Michelin's engineers work closely with their colleagues at brands like Mercedes-AMG, Porsche, Tesla or BMW to design tyres that meet the specific needs of each make. After an exhaustive testing and fine-tuning process, each tyre is marked as a function of the car maker in question and fitted to the model for which it was conceived.

marked tyre

The M01 marking on this tyre indicates that it was designed for the Mercedes-AMG brand. Read more about tyre markings.

Original equipment tyre markings, marked tyres, approved tyres, type-approved tyres, homologated tyres... What do these different terms mean?

What are OE (original equipment) tyres?

OE (original equipment) tyres are the tyres that are fitted to a car at the time of its manufacture

Are marked tyres necessarily approved by individual car makers?

Marked tyres are the result of a specific demand expressed by individual car makers. They indicate that careful attention has been paid to the tyre and model package in order to deliver the level of performance owners expect. For example, 'N'-marked MICHELIN tyres are designed especially for Porsches, 'K'-marked tyres are designed for Ferraris and 'T'-marked tyres are designed for Teslas.

Marked tyres designed for different car models are the fruit of research carried out jointly by MICHELIN engineers and their counterparts at the carmaker in question. For instance, 'N'-marked tyres are approved by Porsche. Marked tyres are therefore approved by the manufacturer in question

Is there a difference between a tyre that has been approved by a car makers and a type-approved tyre?

All tyres must comply with the legislation of the country or region where they are sold. This is not the same thing as a tyre being approved by an individual car manufacturer, which is not a mandatory process.


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All you need to know about marked tyres…

Marked MICHELIN tyres are designed specifically by Michelin engineers in close collaboration with the car maker in question. Marked tyres incorporate the DNA of individual brands and models as a function of the performance brief and requirements specified by each maker. The fitment of manufacturer-approved tyres ensures an optimal driving experience, from superior handling and ride comfort to reduced noise and even more enjoyment behind the wheel.

Marked tyres are a sign that they comply with all of the car manufacturer's requirements. It is important to know that all OE tyres are approved by the makers that fit them. When replacing them, it is therefore important to specify the same tyre as that approved by the car manufacturer. 

Car makers choose MICHELIN tyres

Record-breaking MICHELIN tyres 

As the sole point of contact between the car and the road, tyres play a fundamental role in any attempt to establish a new record.

In September 2019, a Bugatti Chiron fitted with MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres that were a perfect match for its specific characteristics reached a new speed record of 490.484kph. 


MICHELIN tyres have contributed to numerous lap records around the Nürburgring's 20.832-kilometer Nordschleife loop in Germany:
In August 2020, a Porsche Panamera fitted with MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 ND0 tyres developed specifically for the model lapped the circuit in just 7m 29.81s! [« Executive cars » category]


In November 2020, a MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 R MO1A-equipped Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series - the German maker's most powerful car - established a new lap record of 6m 48.047s! ["Sports Cars - Series Production Car" category]

mercedes black series

Tomorrow's tyres

Our partnership with General Motors has led to the development of Uptis, an innovative, sustainable concept tyre made from renewable/bio-based materials. This puncture-proof tyre requires zero maintenance.

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Where can I buy maker-marked tyres?

Car maker-approved tyres for your model can be purchased from specialist websites and stores.

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Need help, or have a question about the tyres approved for your model ?

Talk to a MICHELIN expert. They are perfectly qualified to advise you as a function of your needs, your driver profile and the characteristics of your car.

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