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e.Primacy: MICHELIN's eco-designed tyre 

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Like many drivers, you may be concerned about preserving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of your journeys. 

The automotive industry, which shares these concerns, is developing the electrification of vehicles and looking for solutions to improve the fuel efficiency of combustion engine vehicles. 

It is in this context that Michelin has innovated with e.Primacy, an eco-designed tyre with performance made to last. 

Why is e.Primacy an eco-designed tyre? 

Thanks to its very low rolling resistance (1)  e.Primacy allows the vehicle to consume less energy from the first to the last mile.

  • For a combustion engine vehicle, this means lower fuel consumption, therefore a good fuel efficiency, and fewer CO2 emissions (2).
  • For an electric vehicle, this means a gain in battery life of up to 7% (3).

How was this possible? 

e.Primacy is an eco-designed tyre. This means that it has benefited from a life cycle analysis to measure and optimise its environmental impact during its use, but also during its manufacture. 

MICHELIN e.Primacy

An eco-designed tyre during its use 

A vehicle's fuel efficiency is partly determined by the rolling resistance of the tyres. This represents 20% (4) of the vehicle's fuel consumption, which means that one in five fuel tanks is caused by rolling resistance. 

Reducing rolling resistance therefore optimises fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions.

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For example, on the most common size on the market, 205/55 R16 91V, the e.Primacy has a rolling resistance that is about 25% (1) lower than that of a Primacy 4, which is part of MICHELIN's main summer range. 

Over a distance of 35,000 km, this reduced rolling resistance saves up to 174 kg (2) of CO2 for an internal combustion engine vehicle. 

But it is also an ideal candidate for electric vehicles: since the battery range is limited, it is very advantageous to opt for a tyre with low rolling resistance. The e.Primacy is optimised for this purpose and saves up to 7% (3) battery life. 

An eco-designed tyre during its manufacture

The work that has been involved in the design of e.Primacy (the choice of materials, the manufacturing process...) means that it is the first tyre on the market to benefit from an environmental declaration (EPD = Environmental Product Declaration). This declaration establishes that environmental concerns have guided the tyre's design choices.  

For the same reason, e.Primacy is manufactured locally for its market, thus avoiding long-distance transport between the point of manufacture and the points of sale. 

In addition, Michelin has reduced its fine particle emissions by 5% (5) by using materials with a lower abrasion rate. These efforts were recognised by the ADAC, an independent tester, which compared tyres from several manufacturers by measuring the abrasion rate. Michelin came out with a lower abrasion rate than its competitors, around 30% (6) lower than the average rate. This is an important advance, as it is known that a lower abrasion rate increases the longevity of the tyre. 

In terms of manufacturing, Michelin is also developing new installations so that the tyre baking moulds are powered by electricity rather than fossil fuels, in order to avoid CO2 emissions.

e.Primacy: the first step towards sustainable mobility

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Michelin is increasingly working on the design of tyre ranges that combine the expected performance with an eco-designed orientation. e.Primacy is the first illustration of this compared to more traditional ranges such as Primacy 4, for example. 

e.Primacy shows the path that Michelin will take in the future in developing its new ranges to move towards solutions that are more compatible with sustainable mobility. 

What are the differences between e.Primacy and Primacy 4? 

MICHELIN e.Primacy and MICHELIN Primacy 4 are both summer ranges. And although they have a similarity in their names, they are rather different and yet complementary:  

  • MICHELIN Primacy 4 is primarily focused on safety with an A label for wet grip and a B label for rolling resistance.
  • MICHELIN e.Primacy is rated A for rolling resistance and B for wet grip.

These two ranges combine good longevity with performance that is built to last. 

How to choose between e.Primacy and Primacy 4? 

If you are not sure which summer tyre to choose, here are the questions that will help you decide which tyre to choose: 

Do you have a hybrid or electric vehicle? 

If so, choose an e.Primacy because it has been designed to fit both electric and internal combustion vehicles due to its low rolling resistance.

Do you have a combustion vehicle? 

If so, you have two options: 

  • If you want to reduce your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, choose the MICHELIN e.Primacy.
  • If you prefer a more traditional tyre with a priority on safety/braking, even on wet roads, then choose the MICHELIN Primacy 4.

Note that some sizes are only available in one or other of the ranges. Your choice may also depend on their availability. 

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Legal mentions

(1) Rolling Resistance test - Rolling Resistance tests conducted on machine by Applus Idiada, on Michelin's request, June (on new) & August (on 2mm buffed) 2020, on dimension 205/55 R16 91V, comparing MICHELIN e.PRIMACY (new: 5.58kg/t & worn: 5.13kg/t) versus MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 (new: 7.74kg/t & worn: 6.25kg/t) ; BRIDGESTONE TURANZA T005 (new: 7.17kg/t & worn: 5.81kg/t) ; CONTINENTAL ECOCONTACT 6 (new: 6.39kg/t & worn: 5.49kg/t) ; CONTINENTAL PREMIUM CONTACT 6 (new: 8,93kg/t & worn: 6,94kg/t) ; DUNLOP BLURESPONSE (new: 7.97kg/t & worn: 5.54kg/t) ; GOODYEAR EFFICIENT GRIP 2 (new: 7.01kg/t & worn: 5.38kg/t) ; PIRELLI CINTURATO P7 BLUE (new: 6.96kg/t & worn: 6.30kg/t) ; PIRELLI CINTURATO P7 (new: 8.79kg/t & worn: 6.97kg/t). 

(2) « Increased fuel savings - During usage, MICHELIN e.PRIMACY generates 1.5kg/t on average Rolling Resistance less than competitors, gain is equivalent of up to €80 savings on fuel. This gain is equivalent of up to 174kg of CO2 saved. Usage gains are estimated on the average of new and buffed 2mm datas to take into account real life time performance -All gains are estimated on a base of 35,000km and a fuel price of €1.46/L (https://ec.europa.eu/energy/data-analysis/weekly-oil-bulletin_en 6/1/2020 weighted on the top 10 countries for motor vehicle movements on national and foreign territory - https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/transport/data/database). Actual fuel and cost savings may vary depending notably on driving habits, vehicle or tyre pressure. 

(3) Increased EV battery range and CO2 reduction - When new, MICHELIN e.PRIMACY generates 2kg/t on average Rolling Resistance less than competitors, equivalent in fuel consumption reduction of up to 0.21l/100km, equivalent of a gain in CO2 emission up to 5g  for a VW Golf 7 1.5 TSI or equivalent of gain of up to 7% in autonomy for a VW e.Golf. 

(4) Source : Michelin study, 2008 : 2008-01-0154 - Reducing Tire Rolling Resistance to Save Fuel and Lower Emissions, by Jerome Barrand and Jason Bokar, page 4 : ‘On average it can be assumed that 1 tank of fuel out of 5 is consumed due to the tires for passenger cars’ 

(5) Michelin internal study, 23/11/2020 : average tyre mass loss weighted by volumes between 2015 and 2020,  ‘In addition, Michelin has reduced its fine particle emissions by 5%’ 

(6) ADAC report, December 2021, Tyre abrasion: wear and burden on the environment, page 2 : average tyre wear (g/1000km) : Michelin 90 vs average competitors Vredestein 100, Goodyear 109, Falken 114, Hankook 118, Dunlop 119, Semperit 119, Toyo 119, Kumho 120, Sava 120, Continental 126, Maxxis 128, Bridgestone 130, Nokian 134, Pirelli 134.  ‘Michelin came out with a lower abrasion rate than its competitors, around 30%’ 

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